Show how much your brand loves mother nature by opting custom boxes


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Show how much your brand loves mother nature by opting custom boxes made from 100% recyclable kraft material. Delight your customers with novel looking custom oval shaped packaging boxes for packing products in gift-like style so customers can present to loved ones as it is. Go for custom sleeve boxes also known as slipcase boxes or tray and sleeve boxes for packing high-end products and bestowing a premium appeal to products by virtue of a smooth friction-sliding motion. To attach the eco-friendly element to your packaging or for inducing a feel of natural and healthy organic product – go for custom green packaging boxes. To enhance graphical color appeal of product packaging with added PMS colors, select custom boxes printed using the rotogravure printing technique. Bring out that conservative and high-end look of vintage products by choosing custom packaging boxes embellished with golden craft leaves. Choose custom packaging boxes with plastic handle so customers can easily carry these boxes. Select custom product boxes stamped in shiny hot foiling that gives off a metallic surface look which induce a premium quality appeal to products. If you’re worried about providing a snug fit to your small-sized products inside the packaging, then relax and go for custom boxes designed perfectly as per product requirements and voila! If you want to protect as well as enhance the high-end look of product packaging – then go for custom boxes with precisely die-cut foam inserts. Tempt customers to love to buy your products on certain occasions by choosing to pack your products in occasion-specific custom printed gift boxes that customers love to present to dear ones as a gift as it is. Make your brand logo more prominent by using custom boxes with logo in rainbow like tints through holographic coating. Impress your loved one with occasion specific gifts such as Valentine’s Day gifts by choosing custom printed boxes in pretty heart shaped patterns.



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